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T-Minus 33 Days Until the Anniversary…

of the stitches, the contractions, the pain, the catheter, and my little man’s entrance into this world.View full post »


For the boy who eats everything, a bib that catches everything.

Kendall is getting to an age where he is not so impressed with the purees I lovingly make for him.  Doesn’tView full post »


Rainy day wishes

7 am, he wakes, I hear him on the monitor.  Actually, he’s probably been awake for at least 15 minutes now because by the time I wakeView full post »


Stuff Every Parent Must Have That You Can’t Find in the Baby Store

Head on over to to read my guest blog all about all the STUFF you might actually find useful with aView full post »


On the eve of a road trip…

It seems appropriate to share with you all this interview I just completed.  Kendall and I will be taking off soon, on our own, for a roadView full post »


My new bundle of joy has arrived

It kept me up late last night just staring at it and holding it.  It’s so different than the one I already have, yet it seems easier.View full post »


Confessions of a Ferber Flunkie

So I made a promise to myself back at the beginning of the month to blog more and then broke it about a day later.   It’s pretty muchView full post »


You can’t trust something that bleeds for 7 days and doesn’t die?

You sure as hell can’t trust me, then.  I am at the end of my second period since having Kendall 10 months ago, and it is a damnView full post »


“When You Are a Mother, You Will Understand…”

This blog post is actually my first ever as featured blogger on  I will be writing two entries for them aView full post »