Monthly Archives: February 2009


Duck Union Demands Better Wages

Today is the kind of day that the old Rabies-free me would have found some reason to leave the office 45 minutesView full post »


State of My Body Address

In honor of Kendall’s 9 month checkup last week, I thought I’d talk about not how big he is (23.5 lbs,View full post »


Would you consider board books an appetizer?

Is there some sort of vitamin or mineral missing from my son’s diet that causes him to want to eat every. single. paper product inView full post »


Guess I have to learn how to use the drill

Keeping this kid alive has become my full time job, and if given a performance review right now, I’m not sure the review would beView full post »


She’s Crafty! DIY Crib Rail Guard Tutorial

Greetings! I posted this tutorial 2.5 years ago, and it’s still one of my most popular posts. If you’re visiting today, chancesView full post »