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So sometimes I have something really funny/cool/important to tell you all, but I don’t have time to sit down and write an all out blog about it.  As you may have noticed, my entries end up being rather long because I have diarrhea of the fingers on here.  I was looking into starting a small “one thought a day” type of sideblog and then I learned about Twitter.  Apparently all the hip kids are doing it.  I, not being hip nor a kid, thought it sounded ridiculous and would require me to learn how to text and instant message (two things I admittedly despise… well, not so much the texting, just texting in large quantities.  Just freaking CALL me already if you have that much to text.)

Anyway, turns out it’s not that hard, and even I, the late twenties geezer that I am, enjoy it.  I can pop on and really quickly tell you all about a great sale or a new website I like or how crazy Kendall’s poop is now that he started a new food (because I know that’s what you all REALLY want to hear).  The great thing is I have it integrated on here so you can see my latest “tweets” in the box in my right sidebar, or you can check me out on Twitter (just look for babyrabies). And Twitter will also notify you when I’ve posted a new blog.

If you are a hip kid and already using Twitter, please come find me!  If you don’t have a Twitter account, you should get one.  I hope that it will encourage some more fluid conversations among myself and readers, and that it will be less daunting to update.  Who knows… maybe I’ll even take the plunge and set up my phone so that I can text updates to it.  Perhaps 2009 is the year I’ll join the texting generation.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m not up on the Twitter, but i did see your question about flying…

    We just returned from a trip to Hawaii, which was 5 1/2 hours each way. James is 6 months, but he did pretty well on the plane and here are my tips…

    DON’T give Benadryl… it has the reverse effect on lots of kids, wiring them instead of putting them to sleep. I had a bottle of pumped milk for James, just in case, and I “spiked” it with a dose of Melatonin. It’s totally safe, natural, and recommended by the developmental pediatrician I work with. You just crush it up and add it to the milk. I used a little over a half tablet, since my 3 year old (30lb) niece takes a full tablet, and James is 17 lbs. James crashed within minutes of finishing the bottle and slept for the first 2 hours of the flight. Make sure K. is either nursing or drinking a bottle at takeoff, to help keep his ears from getting plugged. If that fails, remember that yawning is contagious, even for babies… you can make him yawn if you do it first!

    Also, when you check in, ask if there’s any way you can have whole row if there are any empty seats. You might find yourself at the back of the plane, but it’s well worth it to have the extra space… especially if your hubby is tall, like mine.

    Have a few little toys, rattles, books, whatever he likes… and don’t forget a blanket, since it can get cold on the plane. Good luck!

    (fall-love from the knot/nest)

  2. Kimberly, thank you for those tips! I actually chose not to go at all this time around. I figured I was already screwed when just the thought of hauling all his stuff out to extended parking made me want to heave. However, I will have to do it eventually and I will definitely refer back to this!

  3. Hi, you know what else we did…. I wore James in the Bjorn and then we piled all of our bags into his stroller so we didn’t have to carry them in the airport and then in the hotel. Better than a bellhop! 🙂

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