Monthly Archives: January 2009


Cloth Diaper Q&A Time

I’ve received a lot of emails lately asking specific questions about cloth diapering with a baby who is nowView full post »


Ode to Joel McHale

O, Joel McHale, how I sparkly pink puffy strawberry scented heart thee.  Your wit and your charm, your laughterView full post »


If I Wasn’t a Mother

If I wasn’t a mother, would this day mean as much to me? If I wasn’t a mother, would the words “hope for theView full post »


The Parent’s Complicated Relationship With Coffee

Coffee used to be a fun thing to go “do” on a break at work.  Going to have coffee implied relaxation, conversation, goodView full post »


I’m all a Twitter

So sometimes I have something really funny/cool/important to tell you all, but I don’t have time to sit down andView full post »



Kendall’s oral exploratory phase is in high gear.  There is no piece of dirt or debris safe from his chubbyView full post »


The 2 Second Rule – Never let them see you flinch

As I type this, the gooseegg on my son’s forehead is growing larger by the second.  The bruise appears to be getting darker, yetView full post »