Cloth Diaper Q&A Time


I’ve received a lot of emails lately asking specific questions about cloth diapering with a baby who is now on solids, my wash routine, etc.  I figured I would take a minute to answer some of the most popular questions here.  I LOVE that so many people are researching their options and considering cloth diapering.  […]

Ode to Joel McHale


O, Joel McHale, how I sparkly pink puffy strawberry scented heart thee.  Your wit and your charm, your laughter and your spaghetti cat…. Oh!  and Lou.  I love you and Lou.  You and The Soup are all we, my husband and I, have at the end of the week to make us feel like the […]

If I Wasn’t a Mother

If I wasn’t a mother, would this day mean as much to me? If I wasn’t a mother, would the words “hope for the future” make me cry? If I wasn’t a mother, would I have been as excited to sit at home on my couch in my sweats as my son napped to listen […]

The Parent’s Complicated Relationship With Coffee


Coffee used to be a fun thing to go “do” on a break at work.  Going to have coffee implied relaxation, conversation, good times.  It was a reward for a good job done, or an incentive to get off my ass and finish a project as soon as I got back to the office.  Coffee […]