I’d like to report an abduction.


Santa Claus has stolen my baby!  In his place he left me with an honest to goodness little boy.  One that can pull up and take steps while pushing his new wagon.  Did Santa think I wouldn’t notice that this new model  is quicker and more daring than my floor bound baby?  This little boy […]

Having a baby changes everything… even your Christmas list.

One of many failed attempts at a picture for the cards

Christmas list 2 years ago when I was happily child free, fetus free, and not even a touch of the Baby Rabies: 1. High heel, pointy toed, knee high boots 2. Gift card to Sephora for lots of Smashbox makeup – specifically really cool eyeshadows with sparkles and brow highlighters 3.  Fun funky jewelry – […]

Shitty economy bonus!

Don’t you just love all the great deals you can find right now since our economy has gone down the shitter?  Of course, the downside is that most people can’t even afford the really good deals because…well.. the economy has gone down the shitter.  Either way, just had to do a drive by blog post […]

We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Cathy and Ron in Colorado!  They are expecting their first baby in May and are “thrilled to win and be able to sample a lot of different products”.  They’ve been planning on cloth diapering, and now they will have an excellent start.  I will keep you all updated on their cloth diapering experiences […]