Monthly Archives: December 2008


I’d like to report an abduction.

Santa Claus has stolen my baby!  In his place he left me with an honest to goodness little boy.  One that can pull up and take steps whileView full post »


Having a baby changes everything… even your Christmas list.

One of many failed attempts at a picture for the cards Christmas list 2 years ago when I was happily child free, fetus free, and not even aView full post »


Shitty economy bonus!

Don’t you just love all the great deals you can find right now since our economy has gone down the shitter?  Of course, the downsideView full post »


We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Cathy and Ron in Colorado!  They are expecting their first baby in May and are “thrilled to win and be able toView full post »


Negotiations with a mobile baby

I have this “formal” room at the front of our new house.  Of course, we really have no use for anything “formal”View full post »


God bless you, Dr. Ferber

It worked!  Well, I guess I should say it’s working.  After speed reading some key chapters in Dr. Ferber’s book last week, weView full post »


Doing my part for the cloth diaper revolution!

This is a post that’s been months in the making and I’m so freaking happy to finally be able to publish it. It all began afterView full post »


What is my sleep philosophy?

I was asked this in a previous post, so allow me to answer.  I believe in the power of sleep.  I cherish it and think it is a vital part ofView full post »


The boy was born to eat

As if you couldn’t tell from pictures, he relishes meal time, and while his love for the boob still remains, he’s slowlyView full post »