Monthly Archives: October 2008


Happy Halloween!

Kendall is the most happy Halloween is finally here because that means I will stop dressing him up in this cumbersome get up.  We startedView full post »


Mom abuse

My kid beats me up. He bangs on my chest with his fists when he eats, he pinches me, scratches me, pulls my hair, my earrings, my nippleView full post »


Attention all new/soon to be dads! Learn how to use the farking camera.

Babies grow so fast.  There are so many monumental things to document nearly every day, like their first bath, their first smile, the firstView full post »


Slap my ass and call me Bill Gates!

So, I hope you all have noticed how I’ve spiffed up the place.  You better have.  I’ve busted my ass doing it.  I do not claimView full post »


Single Parents, I Salute You.

Not only are you amazing for being solely responsible for your child/children 24-7-365, but you must also possess some sort of magicalView full post »


Teething Bites.

Well… they’re here, at least two of them anyway.  Kendall cut his first two razor blades… I mean… teeth (centerView full post »


It’s time to Vote!

Well… yeah, it’s time to vote for that too.  But I’m not interested in talking politics here, at least not now   However,View full post »


Just trying some things out

Sorry the page is in such disarray!  I’m trying to switch a few things up, make it easier to read and all that jazz.  Hang with me! View full post »


Something Wicked This Way Comes

::cue slow, eerie music:: It was a dark stormy night… okay, more like a mildly breezy, little bit of rain, still pretty freaking hotView full post »