Happy Halloween!


Kendall is the most happy Halloween is finally here because that means I will stop dressing him up in this cumbersome get up.  We started the festivities this week at the neighborhood Fall Fest where he seemed to at least tolerate the costume.  The next time he sported it was at Gymboree and he was […]

Mom abuse

My kid beats me up. He bangs on my chest with his fists when he eats, he pinches me, scratches me, pulls my hair, my earrings, my nipple in his mouth as he rubbernecks to find whatever noise is distracting him. His favorite way of telling me he’s hungry is to grab both sides of […]

Attention all new/soon to be dads! Learn how to use the farking camera.

Scott and Kendall at the hospital

Babies grow so fast.  There are so many monumental things to document nearly every day, like their first bath, their first smile, the first time they pee all over the wall above the changing table.  And who is it that rushes to grab the camera 9 times out of, well, 9?  Mom.  Scrolling through the […]

Slap my ass and call me Bill Gates!


So, I hope you all have noticed how I’ve spiffed up the place.  You better have.  I’ve busted my ass doing it.  I do not claim to be any sort of computer genius, not remotely close.  I did take a website design class for my capstone in college, but I was terrible at it then, […]