But he will never be cold!

What is it with a mother’s constant concern that her child will catch the slightest chill?  I used to think it was so ridiculous to see infants bundled from head to toe in 70 degree weather, and I’ve read in the baby books that you are only to dress them as warm as you yourself […]

I am so sick and twisted.

I can’t stop having vivid(I mean damn near Ally McBeal-type) visions of one of us accidentally dropping my baby over the 4th floor railing right outside of our Embassy Suites hotel room we are staying in.  It is terrible.  So much so that it kept me up the first night thinking (freaking out, really) about it […]

Cloth diapering – the specifics

Okay.  This is the post where I will talk more about the specifics of what we are doing – the types of diapers we use, hook you up with some more great links, talk about our process, and even give you my husband’s opinion of cloth diapers.  This too will probably be quite lengthy, so bare […]

Yes, I use cloth diapers. No, I don’t wear Birkenstocks…

Or eat a whole lot of tofu or anything else really stereotypically “hippy-ish” (not that there is anything wrong with being a hippy!  I love me some hippies).  I also don’t soak those poop infested diapers in a wet pail, or have to fold squares of fabric and fasten them ever so carefully with safety pins […]