Monthly Archives: September 2008


Something magical happened tonight

The stars aligned and the new mom gods smiled upon me.  I managed to get Kendall in bed and asleep by 7 pm, got dressed up in –View full post »


A not so fun game we play every day

Mommy needs to pee/clean/brush her teeth/have a moment to chillax… here, hop around/spin around in your Jumperoo/ExersaucerView full post »


Reporting from the trenches

It’s been a week, and the war trudges on.  It’s hard to tell who’s winning.  If we go by who’s getting betterView full post »


I may lose the war, but I won the first battle!

Holy freaking OMG this is so fanfuckingtastic!  I just did Kendall’s new little night time, please get sleepy and stay sleepy timeView full post »


But he will never be cold!

What is it with a mother’s constant concern that her child will catch the slightest chill?  I used to think it was so ridiculous toView full post »


I am so sick and twisted.

I can’t stop having vivid(I mean damn near Ally McBeal-type) visions of one of us accidentally dropping my baby over the 4th floorView full post »


Cloth diapering – the specifics

Okay.  This is the post where I will talk more about the specifics of what we are doing – the types of diapers we use, hook you upView full post »


Yes, I use cloth diapers. No, I don’t wear Birkenstocks…

Or eat a whole lot of tofu or anything else really stereotypically “hippy-ish” (not that there is anything wrong with being aView full post »