I peed on a stick.

Don’t worry.  It’s negative… thank God… it’s negative.  I wasn’t too concerned.  We would pretty much have a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening right now, but it’s a chance nonetheless, and I had a dentist appointment yesterday and knew they would want to x-rays and such.  Since I don’t really have evidence that I’m NOT pregnant […]

Check out the Chub!!

A quick drive by post to pimp out Kendall’s new pictures, done by the lovely Mollie of Photography in Bloom down in Austin, TX.  Check out her blog to see a few pics.  Sorry there’s not much hillarity in this post, but I promise to be back soon with some good stuff.  And thanks again […]

I love me some Starbucks, but…

why the HELL don’t they have changing tables in their restrooms?! Since having Kendall I have been to many a Starbucks and never have I seen one with a changing table. I am shocked and pretty much offended that a company that claims to be so progressive and forward thinking, and that eats up so much of my […]

Be warned

All that luxuriously thick and shiny hair you accumulate while pregnant… yeah…. you don’t get to keep that.  Around the time your kid turns 3 months old it plans a mass exodus from your scalp and begins coming out in (and I am in NO way exaggerating here)  CLUMPS!  I’m talking about at least 20 […]