I’ve always loved him, but I’m really starting to like him.

Okay folks. I am so excited to announce that I think we’ve come to the other side! The side where having a baby is more fun than work (okay, that might not be entirely true, but at least the work is getting to be a little more fun) and there are more rewards and less […]

“Wizzlers, Jejush, Cocadots and Pupcakes”

Just a few very cute and funny 4 year old mispronunciations (for Twizzlers, Jesus, Polkadots and Cupcakes) that we won’t be hearing around here on a daily basis anymore.  We went to St. Louis last week to give Hailey, our niece who has been living with us since January, her 4th birthday party and to […]

All in the name of sleep…

The things you will do as a parent for just a few brief moments of peace (even though ”peace” may come with the hum of an appliance in the background) and some SLEEP are so ridiculous and comical all at the same time, as proven by my last post. During our recent trip to visit Scott’s family I […]

Sleep Through the Static

An appropriate title for the newest addition to my CD collection (Jack Johnson’s latest).  I picked it up a couple months ago when my sister and I made the road trip to house hunt.  But, instead of spending the drive jamming out to our new tunes, we spent most of the trip listening to static […]