Monthly Archives: June 2008


This is what crazy people do.

At the end of May I flew home to Texas from DC for a two week vacation (ha!)/little bro’s HS graduation/baby showoff/houseView full post »


Worst. thing. ever.

Just got back from Kendall’s 2 month appointment (went in at 7 weeks since we are moving next week) and holy shit it was soView full post »



Just wanted to take a minute to show you all how much Kendall really has grown, and of course to show off my handsome little man.View full post »


Don’t wish it away

I know I’ve spent more than my fair share on here complaining in some way or another, and I’m really not writing this to sugarView full post »


Adventures in breastfeeding

It seems simple enough. Woman has boobs. Woman has baby. Woman’s boobs fill with milk for baby. Baby sucks milk out of boobs.View full post »


Oh, honey…I feel your pain.

I had to laugh a few minutes ago when I checked out my Sitemeter.  It shows me all the links that people click on that lead them here. View full post »


How motherhood has changed me

I am a gift giver.  I live to find the perfect gift, wrap it up in the most adorable/creative wrapping, and pair it with the perfect cardView full post »


Don’t worry, the baby hasn’t sucked out my brain…yet.

Just stopping in really quick to let you all know that I could possibly be the world’s/stupidest mother.  I haven’t updated inView full post »