This is what crazy people do.

At the end of May I flew home to Texas from DC for a two week vacation (ha!)/little bro’s HS graduation/baby showoff/house hunting trip. I boarded a plane with a baby one day shy of 4 weeks old and prayed he would sleep through the whole 6 hour journey so I wouldn’t be “that mom” […]

Worst. thing. ever.

Just got back from Kendall’s 2 month appointment (went in at 7 weeks since we are moving next week) and holy shit it was so horrible. Not really so much for him as it was for me, I think. Poor little guy had to get 3 shots. I didn’t think I’d get that upset. I […]


Just wanted to take a minute to show you all how much Kendall really has grown, and of course to show off my handsome little man. That’s what moms are supposed to do anyway, right? Here are some recent pictures of him taken on Father’s Day. These were taken when he was about a month […]

Don’t wish it away

I know I’ve spent more than my fair share on here complaining in some way or another, and I’m really not writing this to sugar coat things.  The fact remains that the last 6 weeks have been TOUGH in a lot of ways, but as I started packing tonight for our big move to Dallas […]