The fun just. doesn’t. stop.  I have MASTITIS!!  Because obviously I haven’t had a challenging enough postpartum recovery process.   I now have a lump the size of a golf ball under my left breast that is hot to the touch, incredibly painful, and it’s causing me to run a temp of 102 and making me […]

What is your malfunction???!!!!!

Stop crying…just stop…stop… please…. PLEASE STOP… just 30 minutes…. I just want a shower…. please…. stop…. STOP!!!!   Have you officially lost your mind when you are negotiating out loud with a 2 week old?  I have lost it.  I am insane.  I have done this to myself.  What do you want?! You are changed, you […]

The good news…it’s not “crotch rot”

…as my husband so kindly calls the rash that has erupted all over my nether regions which has tormented me for nearly a week now. As I mentioned in my *rest* of the story post, I have an incredibly itchy, bumpy rash all over my butt, vaginal area, and inner thighs. Just when my stitches […]

The *rest* of the story

As bad as labor and delivery hurt, I felt prepared for the pain. I had spent months teaching myself how to cope with it with various techniques. I was mentally prepared for what was going to happen to my body leading up to Kendall’s grand exit. And it was pain with a purpose and a […]