In theory…it sounds like a good idea

I have hit the stage of pregnancy that sends me to the nearest bathroom every time I sneeze…or Sniss, as I have heard it referred to, meaning I piss myself a little with every Ahchoo.  Oh, it’s lovely.  Luckily there’s never that much pee to leak out since I am now emptying my bladder every 15 to 30 minutes.  It’s just enough to freak me out, causing me to quickly glance down  to see if the wetness is visible to the outside world….and then I laugh at this reflex and my futile attempt to catch a glimpse since I have not been able to see my crotch without the help of a mirror in quite some time.

The peeing is really just getting out of control and is a flat out annoyance at this point.  I don’t think I would be so annoyed if I would actually produce a decent stream of pee when I quickly make my way to the bathroom after running there like a 10 year old who has finally reached a rest stop after chugging a liter of Mountain Dew on a road trip through Arizona.  I swear, I always feel like I am going to pee the Niagara – NOW – when I get these urges.  However, it is never more than a trickle…quite a waste of toilet paper and such an inconvenience.  Not to mention the stares from strangers.  Oh…how comical it must be to see a very pregnant woman half waddle, half haul ass to the nearest bathroom.

I have contemplated just rocking some bulky pads in my underwear, mainly to prevent a future sniss disaster. I have to say, though, that it may be tempting to just go ahead and pee myself.  It would be far more convenient than running all the way to the bathroom just to squeeze out a few drops.  Yup…new low.  I have *considered* pregnancy diapers.

36 weeks 2 days

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  1. I swear sometimes you have entered my life when you post! I so know how you feel!! I work in a corporate environment where I’ve got to do the waddle/run for quite some distance to get to the nearest restroom – I can only imagine what people are thinking as I’m on my trek! Then, there’s the poor people in the stalls around me when I let out the frustrated sigh that all is coming out is about 2 damn drops! If you find a good brand of pregnancy diapers, let us all know 🙂

    36 weeks 6 days

  2. Haa Haa – I just had this experience for the first time last night and told my husband about it…then in the middle of the night, I sneezed and he rolled over, still asleep and said “did you wet yourself?”…cracks me up!

    BTW – I just saw one of your posts on the nest and checked out your bio, and maternity pictures – they.are.awesome!! : )

  3. Jill,

    I have a theory about why you have to go to the bathroom so much… is training for the middle of the night feedings you will soon be dealing with. This way, you are already used to getting up all night long just to emit a small amount of pee. I swear that if I didn’t have that “training” I probably would have slept right through my babies crying for boob!

    Good luck to you!


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