I don’t know.  Let’s give it a try.

Questions for myself to answer after the baby is born:

1. Do you still have cankles?

1b.  If not, how quickly did they go away?

2. Do you still have heartburn?

2b. Did you birth a mini chewbacca (you know.. because all the heartburn means lots of hair)?

3. Did you feel your insides “fall” back into place when you got up from the table/bed the first time?

4.  Did anything resembling a bloody water balloon splash out of you at that time? (heard this happened to another girl and it’s always seriously freaked me out)

5.   Just how ridiculously big are your boobs now?

6.  Is breastfeeding more or less painful than labor?

7.   Still have that double chin?

8.  Is he as cute as he looks in all his ultrasound pictures?

9.  How scary is it to go poop?

10.  Did you poop on the table/bed?

10b.  Did you give a rats ass?

11. Who does he look like most?

12.  Is he anything like you pictured?

13.   When did you finally come up with a name for him?  (at the time of this post, the child is still pretty much nameless)

14.  When do you get to eat sushi???!!

15.  How does it feel to be let out of that bubble your husband has been keeping you in for the last nine months?

Okay… I’m sure I will come up with more later.

40 weeks 1 day (yeah…that’s right buddy, you’re a whole freaking DAY late!)

5 thoughts on “Does blogging induce labor?”

  1. Today was my due date..same boat as you. My friend told me Taco Bell induced her labor, so I’m trying that tomorrow. 🙂 GL!!! Can’t wait to hear about your birth.

  2. Now that Kendall is almost two (that does not seem possible) but now that he is you should go back and answer these, question by question. It should make for interesting reading.

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