Does blogging induce labor?

I don’t know.  Let’s give it a try. Questions for myself to answer after the baby is born: 1. Do you still have cankles? 1b.  If not, how quickly did they go away? 2. Do you still have heartburn? 2b. Did you birth a mini chewbacca (you know.. because all the heartburn means lots of […]

::said like Fat Bastard:: “Get out of my Belleh!!”

So today is/was the BIG day.  My due date!  It was pretty uneventful honestly.  Not so much as one measly contraction.  I don’t feel like he’s any closer to coming out than he was a week ago.  Difference is a week ago I was completely relaxed about the whole situation.  I was in NO rush […]

My Earth Day Apology To Mother Earth

I am sorry for the ridiculous amounts of toilet paper I have personally been responsible for flushing down the toilet over the last 10 months. Between the constant checking of what was going on and coming out down there when TTC, the excessive paranoia induced checks when I was spotting throughout the first trimester, and […]

The exit can be found at the rear of the cabin

Attention Baby: Despite your valiant attempts to break free of my womb via my rib cage, I regret to inform you that you will be stuck in that increasingly small water balloon until you learn to head toward the tunnel located directly above your head. Yes, it may make more sense to try to kick […]