Damn those tiny little drug dealers!

If you tell me you are going to be on a corner until noon, please don’t pack up shop and skip town at 11 while I’m out getting cash for my fix! Why must Girl Crack cookies be so elusive? I ordered 6 boxes from a coworker’s friend’s daughter back in January. Do you know how long I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on those? I still have not received my order and I’m no longer up for being patient. Three times now I’ve spotted Girl Scouts selling them at various locations, but I never have any damn cash on me!!! I must remember to spend the entire months of Feb. and March next year with a secret stash of cash on me. All three times, the little crack dealers were gone by the time I got back with cash…GRRRRR. I finally got my hands on some yesterday, but they only had one box of Samoas left. I think the Leader is a little scared of me now. I grilled them about when they would be back, how long they would be there, and how many boxes of Samoas they will have at that time. I am anxiously awaiting next Saturday.

36 weeks…oops!  Wait….only 34 weeks 🙂

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  1. I think I’ve made orders with 3 different girl scouts – the first order is already gone and I’m anxiously awaiting the next round of thin mints!
    Is it bad when you consider eating an entire sleeve justifiable?? lol

    34 weeks 3 days

  2. Ok, I had to comment again…
    For a second I thought my pregnancy brain had really gotten me AGAIN as I was reading the 36 weeks at the bottom, but then I looked back a bit a did a bit of math….did your due date get changed??

  3. LMAO! Thanks for pointing that out. It seems I have a severe case of baby brain today (or maybe just wishful thinking). I am only 34 weeks!

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