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Oh Dear God! My eyes!

O….M….G…!! Do not, DO NOT stand in front of a three way mirror in your underwear when you are 34 weeks. HolyView full post »


Damn those tiny little drug dealers!

If you tell me you are going to be on a corner until noon, please don’t pack up shop and skip town at 11 while I’m outView full post »


What the hell was that?

Strangest sensation ever.  As I feel the baby kick the crap out of my rib cage, I simultaneously feel something down low that I can onlyView full post »


“I don’t have breasts!”

Since I’m up and rarely have the time or energy to blog, I thought I’d take a few precious minutes to blog a funny niece story.View full post »



Why do all the pregnancy books tell you all 9 months to avoid laying on your back – lay on your side instead (which completely makesView full post »