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Liza, Henry is a douchebag.

Ever since my husband and I overheard our niece belting out Fergie’s “My Humps” in the middle of the grocery store,View full post »



There comes a time in every pregnant lady’s miraculous journey through growing a fetus that the region below the belly buttonView full post »


You can call me Stretch

He’s GROWING! Wanna know how I know? No. No stretchmarks – yet. (Please God, spare me my tummy! My boobs are already shot.View full post »


Anyone have some spare patience?

Okay.  It’s been a week.  Only a week, people!  I am at my wits end.  I love her to pieces, I swear to God I do.  I just can’tView full post »


Cankles, sausage toes AND a toddler?! Thanks Santa!

PSA – visiting the in-laws for 10 days over Christmas is bad for your health, especially when with child.  The stress of the visitView full post »