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I’d like to report an abduction.

Santa Claus has stolen my baby!  In his place he left me with an honest to goodness little boy.  One that can pull up and take stepsView full post »


Having a baby changes everything… even your Christmas list.

One of many failed attempts at a picture for the cards Christmas list 2 years ago when I was happily child free,View full post »


Shitty economy bonus!

Don’t you just love all the great deals you can find right now since our economy has gone down the shitter?  Of course, the downsideView full post »


We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Cathy and Ron in Colorado!  They are expecting their first baby in May and are “thrilled to win and be able toView full post »


Negotiations with a mobile baby

I have this “formal” room at the front of our new house.  Of course, we really have no use for anything “formal”View full post »


God bless you, Dr. Ferber

It worked!  Well, I guess I should say it’s working.  After speed reading some key chapters in Dr. Ferber’s book last week, weView full post »


Doing my part for the cloth diaper revolution!

This is a post that’s been months in the making and I’m so freaking happy to finally be able to publish it.View full post »


What is my sleep philosophy?

I was asked this in a previous post, so allow me to answer.  I believe in the power of sleep.  I cherish it and think it is a vital part ofView full post »


The boy was born to eat

As if you couldn’t tell from pictures, he relishes meal time, and while his love for the boob still remains, he’s slowlyView full post »


I’m actually a little afraid to mention anything

for fear I may jinx it, but I feel like I need to record this historic event in the life of me and my little boy so that I may refer to itView full post »



I love my husband.  He is a wonderful man who takes very good care of me and Kendall.  He works his ass off and is incredibly helpful withView full post »



Created by Seventeen Stone So I had to go to a certain giant retailer that I particularly despise the day afterView full post »


A letter to my vaccum

Dear Vacuum, First, allow me to apologize for ignoring you this last year.  A vacuum with no work to do must be a sadView full post »


This is a test…

No, really, it is.  I seem to be having some issues with my RSS feed updating.  So that means that the people who subscribe to my blog viaView full post »


I must be getting old (Random Halloween Observations)

Not only was it Kendall’s first Halloween, but, in a sense, it was ours too.  It was our first Halloween in aView full post »


Happy Halloween!

Kendall is the most happy Halloween is finally here because that means I will stop dressing him up in this cumbersome get up.  We startedView full post »


Mom abuse

My kid beats me up. He bangs on my chest with his fists when he eats, he pinches me, scratches me, pulls my hair, my earrings, my nippleView full post »


Attention all new/soon to be dads! Learn how to use the farking camera.

Babies grow so fast.  There are so many monumental things to document nearly every day, like their first bath, their first smile, the firstView full post »


Slap my ass and call me Bill Gates!

So, I hope you all have noticed how I’ve spiffed up the place.  You better have.  I’ve busted my ass doingView full post »


Single Parents, I Salute You.

Not only are you amazing for being solely responsible for your child/children 24-7-365, but you must also possess some sort of magicalView full post »


Teething Bites.

Well… they’re here, at least two of them anyway.  Kendall cut his first two razor blades… I mean… teeth (centerView full post »


It’s time to Vote!

Well… yeah, it’s time to vote for that too.  But I’m not interested in talking politics here, at least not now   However,View full post »


Just trying some things out

Sorry the page is in such disarray!  I’m trying to switch a few things up, make it easier to read and all that jazz.  Hang with me! View full post »


Something Wicked This Way Comes

::cue slow, eerie music:: It was a dark stormy night… okay, more like a mildly breezy, little bit of rain, still pretty freaking hotView full post »


Something magical happened tonight

The stars aligned and the new mom gods smiled upon me.  I managed to get Kendall in bed and asleep by 7 pm, got dressed up in – getView full post »


A not so fun game we play every day

Mommy needs to pee/clean/brush her teeth/have a moment to chillax… here, hop around/spin around in your Jumperoo/Exersaucer for  aView full post »


Reporting from the trenches

It’s been a week, and the war trudges on.  It’s hard to tell who’s winning.  If we go by who’s getting betterView full post »


I may lose the war, but I won the first battle!

Holy freaking OMG this is so fanfuckingtastic!  I just did Kendall’s new little night time, please get sleepy and stay sleepy timeView full post »


But he will never be cold!

What is it with a mother’s constant concern that her child will catch the slightest chill?  I used to think it was so ridiculous toView full post »


I am so sick and twisted.

I can’t stop having vivid(I mean damn near Ally McBeal-type) visions of one of us accidentally dropping my baby over the 4th floorView full post »


Cloth diapering – the specifics

Okay.  This is the post where I will talk more about the specifics of what we are doing – the types of diapers we use, hook you upView full post »


Yes, I use cloth diapers. No, I don’t wear Birkenstocks…

Or eat a whole lot of tofu or anything else really stereotypically “hippy-ish” (not that there is anything wrong with being aView full post »


I peed on a stick.

Don’t worry.  It’s negative… thank God… it’s negative.  I wasn’t too concerned.  We would pretty muchView full post »


Check out the Chub!!

A quick drive by post to pimp out Kendall’s new pictures, done by the lovely Mollie of Photography in Bloom down in Austin, TX. View full post »


I love me some Starbucks, but…

why the HELL don’t they have changing tables in their restrooms?! Since having Kendall I have been to many a Starbucks and never haveView full post »


Be warned

All that luxuriously thick and shiny hair you accumulate while pregnant… yeah…. you don’t get to keep that.  Around theView full post »