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The baby loves when I poop.

I guess since it happens so rarely these days it’s cause for a celebration, but every time I empty my bowels he begins rollingView full post »


You know you’re pregnant when…

You can justify eating Coolwhip straight from the tub. You notice you are going through an alarming amount of toilet paper. ItView full post »


Well…that was a bad idea.

Ugh.  I don’t know why I forgot so quickly how much I despised registering for our wedding.  Or maybe it’s not so much that IView full post »


You know what I hate?

Everything surrounding weight gain and pregnancy.  I hate the actual weight gain.  I hate hearing about other people’s weight gain. View full post »


The pregnancy chastity belt – A.K.A. The Snoogle

It all started a few weeks ago when I couldn’t get any amount of decent sleep because of the constant lower back and sciatic nerveView full post »


Boy, oh boy! No more worries.

Whew! What a week! Sorry for the lack of posts lately…the holidays and all. Not that I don’t have plenty to write about.View full post »


Party…my belly…midnight!

I can officially say that I can feel the baby!  For weeks I’ve thought I’ve felt something down there other than gas andView full post »


An early gas intervention

I just finished up my Thanksgiving menu and shopping list (yes, I’ve decided this is the year to learn how to cook a bird – notView full post »


2nd trimester update – the good, the bad and the gassy

I’m well into the second trimester now. I have quite a cute baby bump to show for it. Nothing huge yet, but I’m definitelyView full post »


The weather outside is frightful…

No, it’s not snowing.  It’s not even freezing yet, but it’s the first cold snap of the season, which just so happens toView full post »


Random Vents

1. Someone pop me please.  Stick a pen in my belly and deflate me.  I am so freaking bloated and full of gas that it is painful to even sitView full post »


For the record – what I love

A reader made a very valid comment on my post below, and it occurred to me that I really only do provide a slice of what it is like for MEView full post »


A Friday Night Confession

It’s Friday night and I’m going to bed early. Why? Not because I’m sick. Somehow I’ve managed to stay clear ofView full post »


“I’ve already ordered the bubble.”

My husband is sick.  Not like a puking sick, and it doesn’t seem like the flu.  It’s just the kind of sick you must get aView full post »


It’s official – I’m a fashion victim

I am stuck in limbo between the cute clothes I once sported pre baby gut and boob explosion that are still hanging neatly in my closetView full post »


Over the shoulder boulder holder

Hear ye, hear ye! I would like to announce that my breasts have reached a whole new level of enormousness, and I am now rocking a 38 DView full post »


Can I just freakin sleep on the toilet??

I have contemplated this many nights. *Sigh* Long gone are the days of being the last one at the party to “break the seal”.  IView full post »


Food: The enemy

**Warning!  If you are currently in the bowels of morning sickness hell, please proceed with caution. I’ve been wanting to blog theseView full post »


Irrational Fear – saying goodbye to the girls

Actually, I know this isn’t an irrational fear because I KNOW it’s going to happen. Every pregnancy book tries to break it toView full post »


What do you want from me????!!!!

Dear alien baby, I don’t know what kind of food you eat on the planet you came from, but obviously we don’t have it here onView full post »


The love affair is over

Soooooo….um…did you know you’re not supposed to eat more than 15 Tums in one day?  Well, I didn’t because I’mView full post »


Tums, sweet tums…Why have I doubted you?

Mmmmph…I type this as I crunch on one of my first handfuls of Tums EVER…in my life.  They are delightful, a little chalky, butView full post »


All aboard! The Pregnancy cruise is about to leave.

While I occasionally have to deal with comments like, “That’s not blue cheese dressing is it?  Where’s the waiter…you need ranch…DON’T EATView full post »


I plan on pushing, not pulling.

The Discovery Health channel is all kinds of educational for a newly pregnant woman.  Where I used to only tune into that channel for suchView full post »


Sometimes he has a strange way of showing his love.

I went to the lab to have my blood drawn the other day.  You know, where they drain half your bodily fluids in one sitting to test you forView full post »


We saw the baby, and I don’t like chocolate…

Two very reassuring signs that all is well with this pregnancy.  The spotting that freaked me out was very insignificant, and by the time IView full post »


Maybe not so irrational fear

I’m afraid I’m going to lose the baby. I woke up today to find some light pink spotting. Of course, it freaked me the fuckView full post »


The dogs are on to me.

They could always count on me to throw them something from my plate. Usually it’s my sandwich or pizza bones (crusts) that they areView full post »


In case you didn’t know, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Just got back from my first Dr’s appointment, the one where they are supposed to confirm the pregnancy with a blood test. Well,View full post »


Holy Shit! What have we done?!

I’m not going to lie…that very thought passed through my mind after I saw those two pink lines.  Not like, What have we done?View full post »


I like living in a fantasy world

That’s why I’m so afraid to test.  I really should though…it’s driving the immediate gratification seeking, type AView full post »


Sleeping is an essential function to live, right?

Then how the HELL do parents survive?  I had a rude “awakening” this weekend when I realized that I feel like complete ass whenView full post »


Talking dirty has taken on a whole new meaning.

“Hey hon…be ready for sex when you get home.  I have lots of stretchy cervical mucus and my cervix is really soft and high.  IView full post »


My PIC (that’s partner in conceiving)

It’s hard to be a gangsta trying to get knocked up and shit, but not when you got a PIC who be down for da ride, yo. (If you couldView full post »


If my dogs are any indication of my parenting skills…

I’m going to need to learn how to say NO. My poor Labrador is hobbling around my apartment right now with her tongue hanging threeView full post »


Irrational Fear – Conehead babies

I just saw some of the most amazing pictures of the most beautiful newborn with a head so perfectly round she looked like a littleView full post »