You know you’re pregnant when…

You can justify eating Coolwhip straight from the tub.

You notice you are going through an alarming amount of toilet paper.

It appears a snail has taken up permanent residence in your underwear (ha! stole that one from my very funny pregnant friend).

You can convince your husband to drive to Coldstone at 9 p.m. in the snow.

Gaining 15 lbs in 20 weeks is normal.

You think nothing of eating a pickle, Hershey’s Kisses and a hot dog all within 5 minutes.

Okay, add yours.

I’m sure I’ll think of more too.

20 weeks 2 days

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  1. I have a few!!

    Getting stuck on the couch/floor is a regular occurance.
    Putting on socks and shoes hasn’t been this difficult since you were a toddler. (Same with taking them off.)
    Even water can give you heartburn.


  2. You don’t remember (or care) when you last shaved your legs.

    It takes seeing yourself naked in the mirror to realize that you need some grooming “down there.”

    You have a fortress of pillows around you in bed, but you still wake up sore in the morning.

  3. You’re out of breath by the time you’re done getting dressed in the morning (ot just from putting your bra and underwear on)!

    You get excited when you can make it through one whole night of sleep without getting up to pee more than once!

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