Everything surrounding weight gain and pregnancy.  I hate the actual weight gain.  I hate hearing about other people’s weight gain.  I hate telling them mine.  I hate the scale at the doctor’s office.  I hate that I hate gaining weight when I know that it’s necessary to GROW a healthy child.  I hate that I feel guilty about it.  I hate hearing someone say they’ve only gained 1 pound in two trimesters when I’ve already gained at least 11 and that was as of 16 weeks.  I really hate when people say they’ve LOST weight.  What?!  How does that work? (I know that’s morning sickness, but losing 20 lbs by 20 weeks?  Good God!  Have you puked the baby out?)  I hate when people complain of gaining 10 lbs in 20 weeks when I would be doing cartwheels over that. I hate hearing horror stories from other women who put on 60 lbs and were only able to take off 30 of them before the next kid.  I hate hearing of women who put on 60 lbs and lost 70 of them within three months of popping the kid out.  I hate being told not to worry, that breastfeeding will burn it all off.  I hate hearing that even after I lose all the weight my body will never be the same, I will be flabby and never fit in my old jeans again.

I just hate it all…


P.S.  – I do not mean that I HATE the women who say these things or have gone through these things.  I get that it’s all totally natural…and so is my hatred.

19 weeks

5 thoughts on “You know what I hate?”

  1. I feel the same way…. I’m over 20 weeks and I’ve gained at least 20 lbs. Looking at me, you wouldn’t guess it. Everyone tells me I look great. But that # on the scale always gets to me. As does the midwife writing it down in my chart and stating “You’ve gained 20 lbs.” No sh*t. Thanks for the reminder. I try to comfot myself by telling myself that I am eating well (for the most part), exercising when I can, and that I’ve got a nice healthy boy growing in there. What matters most is that I have a healthy son in April.

  2. Oh, and I remember reading a suggestion to get on the scale backward so you don’t see the weight. They won’t tell you what it is unless it’s an issue.

    Apropos of nothing, can you make comments another font color besides pink? It’s hard to read them.

  3. Ugh…I know. I think it’s time for another layout because I don’t know how to mess with this one enough to change the color of the comments.

  4. I found this site while searching on Google for Baby Fever lol….
    This is actually a WordPress theme I created!

    This is definitely a fun read and a great blog! I have a 2 1/2 yr old boy myself, and I can tell you… Boys are alot more rowdy then girls! =)

    If you want the comments color changed, I would be happy to do so.

    Send me an email to the one provided here in the comments section!

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