The baby loves when I poop.

I guess since it happens so rarely these days it’s cause for a celebration, but every time I empty my bowels he begins rolling and kicking like crazy. Must be all the extra room…

Ahhh…it’s great to feel him move – regardless of the occasion. It seems like I waited forever. In hindsight, I think I did feel “flutters” around 14 weeks, and in the last few weeks I’ve really started to feel him roll around. Now he’s definitely kicking (in what feels like my crotch most of the time). It’s exciting, really it is. Not to mention that it’s so reassuring. My 20 week appointment this last Monday was so much more fun because I didn’t have to worry about the doctor finding a heartbeat. I could feel him moving around all morning before we even got there.

It’s nice to get to a point where you feel like you can interact with the baby, too. I am not above admitting that if I haven’t felt him move around in a while, I’ll suck down some orange juice or even play some music for him. It wakes him up every time. Don’t worry, I’m well aware that his revenge awaits me. Most recently, I’ve been able to feel what is either an ass or a head poking out the side of my stomach. I love to push on it and feel him swim away, but I’m sure he’s not nearly as amused.

I looked forward to all of these little baby in my belly milestones and was so happy when they finally came. However, I think I’m entering the phase of pregnancy that brings milestones that are a lot more frightening than exciting. I’m not going to lie, the following videos, courtesy of YouTube, freak the fucking shit out of me. (And no, they are not labor videos…I wouldn’t do that to you.)

What is going on in there?!

I love the Jaws music on this one…so appropriate

Is that not the freakiest shit ever?!

No. I am not ready to witness the alien trying to bust out of my belly button.

20 weeks 5 days

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