Monthly Archives: December 2007


The baby loves when I poop.

I guess since it happens so rarely these days it’s cause for a celebration, but every time I empty my bowels he begins rollingView full post »


You know you’re pregnant when…

You can justify eating Coolwhip straight from the tub. You notice you are going through an alarming amount of toilet paper. ItView full post »


Well…that was a bad idea.

Ugh.  I don’t know why I forgot so quickly how much I despised registering for our wedding.  Or maybe it’s not so much that IView full post »


You know what I hate?

Everything surrounding weight gain and pregnancy.  I hate the actual weight gain.  I hate hearing about other people’s weight gain. View full post »


The pregnancy chastity belt – A.K.A. The Snoogle

It all started a few weeks ago when I couldn’t get any amount of decent sleep because of the constant lower back and sciatic nerveView full post »


Boy, oh boy! No more worries.

Whew! What a week! Sorry for the lack of posts lately…the holidays and all. Not that I don’t have plenty to write about.View full post »