Party…my belly…midnight!

I can officially say that I can feel the baby!  For weeks I’ve thought I’ve felt something down there other than gas and digestion, but never felt confident that it was the baby.  Then last week I was reading all about the disgusting joys of birth while in bed and I suddenly felt what I […]

An early gas intervention

I just finished up my Thanksgiving menu and shopping list (yes, I’ve decided this is the year to learn how to cook a bird – not when I have some screaming baby hanging around) and I passed it off to my husband for him to look at.  I had planned on making cornbread stuffing with […]

2nd trimester update – the good, the bad and the gassy

I’m well into the second trimester now. I have quite a cute baby bump to show for it. Nothing huge yet, but I’m definitely looking more pregnant than fat and can finally fill out those maternity shirts I’ve been hanging onto. The upside to this new stage is I physically feel pretty good. The food […]

The weather outside is frightful…

No, it’s not snowing.  It’s not even freezing yet, but it’s the first cold snap of the season, which just so happens to coincide with my first run in with flaming nipples.  Yes…I’m going to spend another post discussing my breasts.  You have been warned. So here’s what happens every time I go outside now.  […]