Monthly Archives: November 2007


Party…my belly…midnight!

I can officially say that I can feel the baby!  For weeks I’ve thought I’ve felt something down there other than gas andView full post »


An early gas intervention

I just finished up my Thanksgiving menu and shopping list (yes, I’ve decided this is the year to learn how to cook a birdView full post »


2nd trimester update – the good, the bad and the gassy

I’m well into the second trimester now. I have quite a cute baby bump to show for it. Nothing huge yet, but I’m definitelyView full post »


The weather outside is frightful…

No, it’s not snowing.  It’s not even freezing yet, but it’s the first cold snap of the season, which just so happens toView full post »


Random Vents

1. Someone pop me please.  Stick a pen in my belly and deflate me.  I am so freaking bloated and full of gas that it is painful to even sitView full post »


For the record – what I love

A reader made a very valid comment on my post below, and it occurred to me that I really only do provide a slice of what it is like for MEView full post »