Over the shoulder boulder holder

Hear ye, hear ye! I would like to announce that my breasts have reached a whole new level of enormousness, and I am now rocking a 38 D bra!!! Holy guacamole! Let us all pray to the patron saint of boobies….who would that be….maybe Anna Nicole could get that title….that I do not grow any bigger up top or I fear I will become like one of those Weeble Woble people we all used to play with, except reversed.

Someone mentioned to me that it’s great that they are growing so much. It means I won’t have any problems producing enough milk for the baby. Well hell, at this rate I think I can stand in for the Fire Department when all is said and done and help put out small kitchen fires with these puppies. I’m terrified of how much bigger they may get. I know of a girl who ended up with F cup boobs! And she was not a large girl to begin with. At least I have a little height on my side. My 5’9″ frame can hold them up much better than that poor girl who couldn’t have been much taller than 5’5″.

Oh, and my favorite comment so far is “Your husband must be enjoying them!” Girl please! You think he’s even allowed to TOUCH them? Oh HELL no! These are clearly not for his pleasure any longer….or for mine for that matter. These are working breasts. They are on a mission and they have developed defense mechanisms to keep all fondling at bay.

12 weeks 1 day