A Friday Night Confession

It’s Friday night and I’m going to bed early. Why? Not because I’m sick. Somehow I’ve managed to stay clear of the nasty cough my husband still has. Not even because I’m all that tired (LOVE the second trimester energy!). I confess that I am going to go lay in bed in hopes of feeling […]

“I’ve already ordered the bubble.”

My husband is sick.  Not like a puking sick, and it doesn’t seem like the flu.  It’s just the kind of sick you must get a couple times a year when your body tells you, “HEY JERKFACE!  WHY DON’T YOU GET SOME DAMN SLEEP!”  He was up for nearly 40 hours  straight last Thursday and […]

It’s official – I’m a fashion victim

I am stuck in limbo between the cute clothes I once sported pre baby gut and boob explosion that are still hanging neatly in my closet probably never to be touched again and maternity clothes, which most of the time look so ridiculous on the hanger that I can’t even bring myself to try them […]

Over the shoulder boulder holder

Hear ye, hear ye! I would like to announce that my breasts have reached a whole new level of enormousness, and I am now rocking a 38 D bra!!! Holy guacamole! Let us all pray to the patron saint of boobies….who would that be….maybe Anna Nicole could get that title….that I do not grow any […]