Monthly Archives: October 2007


A Friday Night Confession

It’s Friday night and I’m going to bed early. Why? Not because I’m sick. Somehow I’ve managed to stayView full post »


“I’ve already ordered the bubble.”

My husband is sick.  Not like a puking sick, and it doesn’t seem like the flu.  It’s just the kind of sick you must get aView full post »


It’s official – I’m a fashion victim

I am stuck in limbo between the cute clothes I once sported pre baby gut and boob explosion that are still hanging neatly in my closetView full post »


Over the shoulder boulder holder

Hear ye, hear ye! I would like to announce that my breasts have reached a whole new level of enormousness, and I am now rocking a 38 DView full post »


Can I just freakin sleep on the toilet??

I have contemplated this many nights. *Sigh* Long gone are the days of being the last one at the party to “break the seal”.  IView full post »