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Food: The enemy

**Warning!  If you are currently in the bowels of morning sickness hell, please proceed with caution. I’ve been wanting to blogView full post »


Irrational Fear – saying goodbye to the girls

Actually, I know this isn’t an irrational fear because I KNOW it’s going to happen. Every pregnancy book tries to breakView full post »


What do you want from me????!!!!

Dear alien baby, I don’t know what kind of food you eat on the planet you came from, but obviously we don’t have it here onView full post »


The love affair is over

Soooooo….um…did you know you’re not supposed to eat more than 15 Tums in one day?  Well, I didn’t because I’mView full post »


Tums, sweet tums…Why have I doubted you?

Mmmmph…I type this as I crunch on one of my first handfuls of Tums EVER…in my life.  They are delightful, a little chalky, butView full post »


All aboard! The Pregnancy cruise is about to leave.

While I occasionally have to deal with comments like, “That’s not blue cheese dressing is it?  Where’s the waiter…you need ranch…DON’T EATView full post »


I plan on pushing, not pulling.

The Discovery Health channel is all kinds of educational for a newly pregnant woman.  Where I used to only tune into that channel for suchView full post »


Sometimes he has a strange way of showing his love.

I went to the lab to have my blood drawn the other day.  You know, where they drain half your bodily fluids in one sitting to test you forView full post »