Food: The enemy

**Warning!  If you are currently in the bowels of morning sickness hell, please proceed with caution. I’ve been wanting to blog these stories for weeks now, but due to the nature of what I wanted to type, and therefore had to give much thought to, I had to hold out until food, the alien baby, […]

Irrational Fear – saying goodbye to the girls

Actually, I know this isn’t an irrational fear because I KNOW it’s going to happen. Every pregnancy book tries to break it to you gently, your already been pregnant girlfriends try to warn you, but you never realize how much it’s going to really affect you until it starts to happen. I mean, they’re just […]

What do you want from me????!!!!

Dear alien baby, I don’t know what kind of food you eat on the planet you came from, but obviously we don’t have it here on earth. The sooner you can start to like the food I’m trying to feed you, the better we will all get along. And that doesn’t mean deciding you want […]

The love affair is over

Soooooo….um…did you know you’re not supposed to eat more than 15 Tums in one day?  Well, I didn’t because I’m a moron who doesn’t read the back labels of things she buys in the PHARMACY section.  I seriously ate about 50 Tums last night before they started making me sick (not like vomiting sick, but […]