The dogs are on to me.

They could always count on me to throw them something from my plate. Usually it’s my sandwich or pizza bones (crusts) that they are guaranteed to get. However, I’ve been so hungry lately that I’ve cleaned my plate in a matter of minutes without even thinking of tossing anything their way. Quite honestly, I’m surprised I still have all my fingers and haven’t mistakenly tried to eat one of them. I caught the look of desperation, disgust, and confusion in my Lab’s eyes yesterday as I polished off my tuna melt sandwich – bones and all. She seemed to say, “What??!!! What is wrong with you? That was MY sandwich bone! Gah…you’re such a pig!” and then sulked off. Now I have graham crackers on the table next to the bed, hoping that if I eat one before I get up I won’t feel the incredible urge to vomit by the time I make it to the bathroom to pee. They keep eying them, like I set them out on the night table as some sort of puppy buffet. I swear, I will kick their ass if they even try to eat them.

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  1. I saw your blog on the nest and I have to say that I love it. I’m not pregnant yet but I love reading your blog. This post makes me think of my dog, who just today tried to eat my vanilla wafers off the end table. I seriously walked away for a matter of seconds. I can only imagine what he will think when I’m pregnant.

  2. LOL! Yeah our boys stare at us also. DH walked away from his breakfast the other morning and came back to an empty plate….and two very big sets of brown eyes looking at him like “what…is something wrong??”

    congrats on your bfp!

  3. Don’t let the AFB girls get to you. Usually, they’re funny, but riding you a little hard on this I think. I think your blog is funny, and so true to what we all go through when pregnant/TTC (I’m pregnant now too!). I don’t think people who have never been pregnant can really get it. And if they think it’s so ridiculous, why do they keep reading your blog, just to make fun of you? I don’t get it.
    There are so many pregnancy do’s and don’t’s out there, it’s completely overwhelming, especially because the evidence is so contradictory sometimes. Sure, it sounds nuts that we have to think about heating our turkey sandwich, but listeriosis (sp?) sounds scary and I know I don’t want to risk it! And that’s just one example. A few sites I found helpful (you may already know them): and Healthy and Happy 9 months to you, and I love your blog, so keep it up!

  4. Trish (mysticporter) on

    Hey, congrats on the BFP! I haven’t been on the Nest much lately, but your blog cracks me up so I decided to pop in tonight and I’m glad to see your good news. This post made me LOL, I’m about 8 weeks right now and have the same morning snackies by the bed to try and stave off the chuck. I also get thirsty enough to put away the volumetric equivalent of the Mississippi about once an hour, so I started keeping a glass of water by the bed so I wouldn’t have to truck all the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, one of my cats thought it was such a great idea that *he* wouldn’t have to truck all the way to *his* water bowl, so I’ve had to switch to a pitcher of water and an empty glass…thankfully, he has yet to learn how to pour. Anyway, congrats again, best wishes.

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