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We saw the baby, and I don’t like chocolate…

Two very reassuring signs that all is well with this pregnancy.  The spotting that freaked me out was very insignificant, and by theView full post »


Maybe not so irrational fear

I’m afraid I’m going to lose the baby. I woke up today to find some light pink spotting. Of course, it freaked me theView full post »


The dogs are on to me.

They could always count on me to throw them something from my plate. Usually it’s my sandwich or pizza bones (crusts) that they areView full post »


In case you didn’t know, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Just got back from my first Dr’s appointment, the one where they are supposed to confirm the pregnancy with a blood test. Well,View full post »


Holy Shit! What have we done?!

I’m not going to lie…that very thought passed through my mind after I saw those two pink lines.  Not like, What have we done?View full post »


I like living in a fantasy world

That’s why I’m so afraid to test.  I really should though…it’s driving the immediate gratification seeking, type AView full post »


Sleeping is an essential function to live, right?

Then how the HELL do parents survive?  I had a rude “awakening” this weekend when I realized that I feel like complete ass whenView full post »


Talking dirty has taken on a whole new meaning.

“Hey hon…be ready for sex when you get home.  I have lots of stretchy cervical mucus and my cervix is really soft and high.  IView full post »


My PIC (that’s partner in conceiving)

It’s hard to be a gangsta trying to get knocked up and shit, but not when you got a PIC who be down for da ride, yo. (If you couldView full post »