If you got here via my siggy on The Knot or The Nest and notice that it looks different, that’s because I’ve moved it to my own domain – babyrabies.com, so I can have a little more freedom with the layout and design. If you had the old site bookmarked, please note this change since I will no longer be posting over there. You can only find all of my hilarious baby rabies wisdom over here now : ) Since I do have a lot more freedom over here, let me know if there are any features that you think I should add or any current features that you don’t like. Of course, I won’t bend to your every whim, but it will be nice to get some feedback. This page is still under construction, but it’s mostly things like links that I like and blogs that I like, and I still need to work on the About Me part. The bones are all here. Let me know what you think!

1 thought on “Welcome to my new page!”

  1. Love the site and the content so far.

    Only feedback is that the light pink replies are really hard to read.

    bitch, bitch, bitch (I LOVE that I can finally use BITCH in a post). Great job.

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