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If my dogs are any indication of my parenting skills…

I’m going to need to learn how to say NO. My poor Labrador is hobbling around my apartment right now with her tongue hangingView full post »


Irrational Fear – Conehead babies

I just saw some of the most amazing pictures of the most beautiful newborn with a head so perfectly round she looked like a littleView full post »


Preconception Deception

Happy hour yesterday with some former co-workers was interesting. I left this job before the Baby Rabies infected me. In fact, as of theView full post »


Let’s talk judgement

Okay ladies and gents (are there any gents out there reading this?), we all know the world of parenthood is ripe with judgement. You canView full post »


Admitting defeat

A pack of ovulation predictor tests, a bottle of Merlot, and a box of tampons…those three things in my grocery cart at Target couldView full post »


Welcome to my new page!

If you got here via my siggy on The Knot or The Nest and notice that it looks different, that’s because I’ve moved it to my ownView full post »


Did you know the Dollar Tree sells drugs?

Damn you Dollar Tree and your $1 pregnancy tests! You are my crack dealer. I broke down and peed on a stick the other night. I was soView full post »


Irrational Fear

I am afraid I will lose interest in my baby. I have always been a sort of one-track, task focused type of gal. I find one thing I want,View full post »


How to infect your husband

Even though my husband has been entertaining the idea of having kiddos long before I gave in, it was merely a small infection, a constantView full post »


Irrational Fear

I have a feeling this may be a recurring post theme on here. Let me kick them off by saying I have an irrational fear that when I become aView full post »


Tom knows??!!

No, not my husband (that’s not his name) and not my secret lover (that’s not his name either), Tom, MySpace Tom…he KNOWSView full post »


Game On!

Last month was our first “official” month of trying to conceive. I spent a lot of time telling my husband and myself that itView full post »


When you know it’s more than Baby Fever…

As I type this, the only person who knows that the thought has even crossed my mind to begin the whole process of having a baby is myView full post »