If my dogs are any indication of my parenting skills…

I’m going to need to learn how to say NO. My poor Labrador is hobbling around my apartment right now with her tongue hanging three feet of out her panting pink mouth.  I feel so bad for her. We just got back from a three mile run for me and a four mile run for […]

Irrational Fear – Conehead babies

I just saw some of the most amazing pictures of the most beautiful newborn with a head so perfectly round she looked like a little perfectly sculpted doll. Of course, she was a C section baby. That’s the trade off for having the doctor rip open your abdomen to remove an 8 lb growth – […]

Preconception Deception

Happy hour yesterday with some former co-workers was interesting. I left this job before the Baby Rabies infected me. In fact, as of the last day of this job back in April, I was pretty adamant and outspoken about being soooo not ready for kiddos for at LEAST 5 years. Several of them, all of […]

Let’s talk judgement

Okay ladies and gents (are there any gents out there reading this?), we all know the world of parenthood is ripe with judgement. You can smell it’s thick vapors permeating off of mommy and me groups, and you can feel it’s heat and intensity in the sharp, unapproving glares from people in line at the […]