Our Colic Survival Plan, Based On Experience

I’m 23 weeks pregnant. In 18ish weeks, there’s going to be another baby living here. I guess it’s time to, like, start getting ready? With the help of Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water, I’m stocking up on the most important things for those first few weeks and sharing some colic survival tips with you in this sponsored post.  Preparing for our 4th baby is quite differentView full post »

The Sideline Mom Is A Fantasy When You Have Toddlers & Babies

So you just signed your oldest kid up for soccer or baseball or football… or some kind of sport where you are giddy about the idea of cheering them on from the sidelines. You have others. They are, obviously, younger. Listen, let me just tell you right now that that vision you have in your head- you, kicked back in a folding chair, monogrammed YETI in hand, snapping pictures of your littleView full post »

The Treasure Trove That Is My Photo Booth Library

Long before Snapchat selfie filters, my kids and I played with my Mac’s Photo Booth. It never really produced high-quality images I’d consider printing. I mostly used it as a means of entertaining them. Sometimes to show them off when nobody was around to take a picture of the two of us. The dog, too. Until recently, I knew these were there, but I didn’t realize what gemsView full post »

The Last Week Of Summer

She cried at bedtime 2 nights ago because I told her there were still 8 days left until school starts. “That’s going to take forever!” she sobbed. He cried at bedtime 2 nights ago because I told him there were only 8 days left until school starts. “What?! NO! Are you kidding me?! I don’t want to go back!” he shouted. And this one can’t be more than 3View full post »

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