We Have A Tween And We Can’t Parent On Cruise Control

Over the last year, from when he turned 8 to now nearly 9, has brought probably the biggest growth and transition since Kendall’s first year of life. Physically, sure- he’s HUGE, but emotionally and intellectually? Yeah… that’s the biggest change. As parents, we started the year off on cruise control. We were there and watching him, but we were letting him do his thing. WeView full post »

Playgroup Week #12: Organizing & Printing Your Photos

Some of the most common questions people ask me about photography, actually have to do with what happens AFTER I take the photos on my DSLR or iPhone. I think we’re all guilty of doing, well, NOTHING with our photos, right? Maybe we just post them to Instagram… or we just let them sit inside our devices and then we panic about the day our camera card corrupts or we run out of spaceView full post »

When My 6 Year Old Said She Was Fat

I’m honored to have a friend guest posting today. Melissa Clark is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in disordered eating, body image, and self-worth. When she asked if she could share the story of the first time her 6-year-old daughter said she was fat, I didn’t hesitate to give over this space. ********** Sitting in our favorite corner booth, my daughter and I sippedView full post »

Playgroup Week 11: Work, Family, And Life Balance

Balance is hard. No matter how many kids you have, what work you do, or where you live, it’s never as simple as just balancing your time between everything that needs to happen in your life. Parenting, self care, chores, work, SLEEP… how do you make time for it all? How do you stay on top of the chaos? Our guest for this week’s episode of the Baby Rabies Playgroup is AmiyrahView full post »

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