What could make this baby must-have any more awesome? I’ll tell you AND I’m giving one away.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may think Wallace spends his whole life in his baby walker these days. You’d only be partly wrong. He spends probably half his waking hours in it. Not because we neglect him, okay. HE LOVES IT. We’ve actually had this walker since Lowell was about this age. It’s a Joovy Spoon, and it’s been well-loved. So much so that the seat wasView full post »

Making Makeup Mean More To Our Girls with STEM

Post in partnership with Sylvan Learning Leyna is very into makeup, and letting her put some on is a special ritual we share once or twice a week. A little lipstick in exchange for smiles and whispered secrets. Meet them where they are- that’s part of our new philosophy with the kids. It’s so much in the spirit of our big Happy Loud Life move– selling the house to get more timeView full post »

Amazon Prime Day Deals That Might Make Parenting Easier, More Fun, or Fashionable

Hey! Can’t type much. Lots of Amazon Prime Day deals to share with you. This is all stuff I can personally vouch for. I’ll do my best to update this as the night and day goes on with stuff that sells out/goes on sale. Let’s get to it! To start, the VERY popular, super useful vacuum that even a 2 year old can push is on sale for $78, down from $200!!! We’ve had it for wellView full post »

Get Inspired By These Baby Photo Ideas- Birth to 6 Months

Babies are my favorite photo subjects- well, up until they can move fast. I think I’d have more success photographing bird poop than a mobile toddler. But, from birth through 6 months old, there are SO many fun and creative photo opportunities that don’t require props or tutus or a professional. It’s a great time to practice, flex, and grow those photography skills because theyView full post »

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